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“Lovely hotel. Did not expect near Kiev in Brovary to find such  level and  soulfulness. Everything is clean, refined and at the same time very accessible. Thank U! “

Игорь - Местный

“I learned about the” Grand Sport “by accident. Previously, on business trips stayed at other hotels. But, after this year, stayed for here – know, now I am a returning guest “

Сборная по хокею - Минск

“There was  a team in the competition. Settled here. Economy class rooms are excellent. As a 2-seater and 4-seater. Convenient location. In general, we recommend !! “

Артур Мамедов - Тула

“Good hotel. When there used to beanother hotel – “Soviet”. And now – Europe. “Grand Sport”drives. Well done. Excellent rooms, decent service. Class! I recommend.

Борис Бардов - Днепропетровск