Brovary, str. Gagarin, 28 | Tel .: +38 (067) 889-22-22


Brovary, str. Gagarin, 28 | Tel .: +38 (067) 889-22-22


How to get there:

From Kiev: by Brovarskiy avenue 6 km, right to  Kiev street 4 km, right to Gagarin Str.

From Chernigov: along Chernihiv track, entry to Brovary through Kiev street, 1.8 km Kiev Street, turn left to Gagarin Str .

From Boryspil International Airport: from Brovarska district left to Marshall Krasousky Str until the end of the street, left to Kutuzov Str, at the end of the bridge turn right, on the roundabout turn left to Gagarin Str.

View from inside the hotel: we invite you to a virtual tour of the hotel Grand Sport.

Reservation of the room: use the booking system on this site. Book a room. It’s convenient.

You can leave us a message (wishes, gratitude, complaint, congratulations, etc.) using the feedback form below.

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